PodoTermograph – thermal podoscope plate

PodoTermograph is a thermal podoscope plate for basic foot diagnostic, which let us evaluate the lower surface of the foot by thermal method. Thanks to it we can assess does our lower surface of foot in norms, flat or hallow. We can also see ischemia of lower limb or local inflammation.
This product is analogical to well-known podoscopes, podoscans 2D or podographs. The difference is a collection of information, by the surface which thermal react.

Technical parameters:

– room temperature: 20-25˚C
– temperature of device reaction: 20-41˚C
– dimensions: 60 x 45 x 0,6 cm
– weight: 3,2 kg
– aquisition time: 10s
– medical CE

Contents of the unit:

– device
– user manual

Device is fully safety and gives no reaction with the skin.

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