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We are producing great variety or feet diagnostic devices for diagnostic and rehabilitation needs


We offer best quality of devices to satisfaction of our clients needs


We diagnose people postural disorders in our computer laboratory


We are making individual insoles for our clients

Producer = low prices

Being the producer of medical devices and equipment, we have the lowest prices on the market. When you buy in the on-line store, you can be sure that the transaction takes place without intermediaries.

Diagnostic Podoscope

Diagnostic Podoscope for children

Diagnostic Podoscope – foot device

Thanks to podoscope we can diagnose feet of children, youth and adults. It gives us a lot of basic information necessary during diagnose and treatment of any foot diseases. 

Device let us a proper assessment of the shape of the foot, the presence of lumps on the foot, corns. The device is very simple to use.

Computer Podoscope

Computer Diagnostic Podoscope

We are offering You Computer Podoscope with the mirror view, backlight and additional FullHD camera for archiving of test results. Podoscope is plug into USB in a computer. It is a medical product.

Our Podoscope have LED backlight, mirror and additional FullHD camera for making photos/films of the lower surface of the foot.
Full HD camera let us make picture or shoot film sequences (for example during squat test)
Recording of film sequences allows us to archive to 30 frames per second.

Computer Podoscope RGB with pilot

Computer Diagnostic Podoscope RGB

Computer Diagnostic Podoscope RGB – foot diagnostic device with the camera, RGB LEDs and remote control to customized changing of lighting colors.

The device includes original software for archiving photos/video to a survey foot, it is possible to take pictures of footprints that can be used to archive patients.

With the help of podoscope you can examine children, adolescents, and adults. It provides many basic informations needed during diagnosis and treatment of some diseases. Allows a proper assessment of the shape of the foot, the presence of lumps on the skin or corns. Podoscope is a device easy to use.


This product is analogical to well-known podoscopes, podoscans 2D or podographs. The difference is a collection of information, by the surface which thermal react.

PodoTermograph – thermal podoscope plate

PodoTermograph is a thermal podoscope plate for basic foot diagnostic, which let us evaluate the lower surface of the foot by thermal method. Thanks to it we can assess does our lower surface of foot in norms, flat or hallow.

We can also see ischemia of lower limb or local inflammation.

Podograph – (plantoconturograph)

Examination of the patient’s feet on podograph by a method of ink reflecting the plantar of the foot.
According to the received reflection of the footprint, you can diagnose the foot support and its shape.

The device is made in the shape of an elongated, flat, two-piece box with the possibility of impregnation with ink distributed
with the roller of the bottom surface of the device.

The reflection of feet on paper is obtained by pressing the patient’s foot with a static or dynamic method.

We invite you to cooperate with any company that is interested in selling our equipment.

We provide discounts for encouraging our distributors.

At the request of the companies cooperating with us, we are making customize branding of devices.

Any form of cooperation is considered individually. Do not hesitate, contact us via and show us their offer of cooperation.


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