About Us

For many years, our company is a leading manufacturer and distributor of many products in the field of rehabilitation.

Our History

“In the beginning there was chaos”, and from it after spending several years in the lab emerged a double plate posturograph being the first product of our company. Behind them appeared the next, both for the rehabilitation and diagnosis of the balance, feet and posture of the body.
After that, we open new product which was Podoscope. Because of success on a European market, we decide to develop this product and give to the people great variety of podoscopes.

Our Vision

Throughout our company’s existence, we have been accompanied by scientific research. What would our passion be if we did not support our arguments with science and numbers. Because, as the popular statement says, the numbers do not lie. And so we found ourselves in this place to meet the requirements of our clients. Many of our products are able to modify and adapt to individual needs. That’s why we develope our products all the time.

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